a! Trademark Search

Is my idea already a registered trademark?

a! Trademark Search by apps for WORDS helps you find our with just one click if your brand name idea is already registered as a trademark. It searches national and international databases also used by professional brand developers.

Play it safe: whether as a founder looking for a company name, or as a know-it-all who aims to prove to his friends that "Good Enough" really is a registered trademark, or just for fun: a! Trademark Search by apps for WORDS is always at your fingertips.


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Brand testing on the go

Intuitive usability, reliable results and storage for your favorite brand names.


Home screen

The heart of a! Trademark Search by apps for WORDS is the Home screen. Enter your keyword into the search field, press "Find" and wait briefly while the app searches the trademark databases for you!

Caution: Because trademark database searches are data-intensive, the search can sometimes take a few minutes. Your patience will be worthwhile!




National or international markets? You decide which trademark databases should be checked when using a! Trademark Search. Make your selection in the settings.

Are you interested in US brands only, or do you want to know which trademarks are registered in the EU or as international trademarks as well?


The Overview screen tells you everything there is to know about using a! Trademark Search by apps for WORDS.

An intuitive user experience is very important to us, so most pictograms and icons should be self-explanatory. If not, take a look at the Overview screen to learn more.



Add Favorites

To document your trademark research, a! Trademark Search enables you to save your results. This allows you to always access your favorite brands.

You can share them with colleagues or manage your list to get rid of not-so-cool brand names. A collection of the most memorable trademark names.

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